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Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 2:49 PM

My Wifi Won’t Stay Connected

My roommate and I have had AT&T Wifi for over a year now and since the very beginning we have had the same problem- Our wifi continuously disconnects on all devices. It cuts in and out multiple times in an hour period. Whether it’s searching the internet on a cell phone, attempting to watch tv on a streaming service, or using a laptop or tablet device, the wifi is constantly disconnecting, giving us messages like “Action needed for wifi network,” “Wifi Network Not Available- Would you like to use Cellular Data instead,” and “There seems to be a problem with your network connection. Please try again at a later time.”

I know that it is not a resetting problem (we have reset the wifi many times trying to resolve the issue) and it’s not a weak signal because after disconnecting, it immediately reconnects with a strong signal. However, whatever you are attempting to do in that moment, immediately closes and has to be restarted. I will not buy a signal boosting device as we live in a relatively small unit.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating and after over a year of having the same issue, we are considering changing services. Need this problem fixed ASAP!

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2 years ago

We're here to help keep you connected, @BLGOSS01


To get started, we have a few questions we would like to ask. What model of router do you currently have? Which AT&T Internet plan are you on? Do you have two Wi-Fi networks, or only one?


We suggest making sure that your router is directly plugged into an outlet. If it is plugged into a surge protector or power strip, this could cause inadequate power to the router, which would create intermittent internet that you are currently experiencing.


We also suggest letting us know what the area around your router currently looks like. Is there walls nearby? Is it in a corner? Surrounded by anything that could cause electrical interference?


If you are looking for more detailed tips on how to troubleshoot your internet, we suggest going to our page on how to Optimize Your Internet.


Let us know if this helps!


Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist

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1 year ago

Why won't my onn tablet stay connected to the fiber optic network I just got on the 13th of this month. If I turn the onn off and back on what n it comes connects back to it, but only for a few minutes. Please help.


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