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Sunday, January 31st, 2016 9:58 PM

Multiple issues with the NVG599

I have multiple issues with my NVG599.   I run static IP from home.  I also am a software developer with many years of experience.  I have more than a basic knowledge of networking and run my own servers and domain from home.


The first issue is finding a manual for the NVG599.  A Google search only shows manuals for the NVG589. 


The second issue is there a way to access the command line interface to the 599?  You can for the 589.  I tried to telnet and it just hung.  I also tried to telnet to port 22 to see if ssh was running with the same result.


The biggest issue is that I have attacks being done on various ports (most of them NTP) from remote systems.  I tried to set up a packet filter to block the incoming packets and it did not work.  So after talking to support and to ConnectTech support I get told that since I am running static IP packet filtering is disabled.  I certainly do not understand the logic behind this.   I was told the only solution to packet filtering is to get my own router and put it between the 599 and my local network.


Why would packet filtering be disabled?  When I talked to the supervisor he told me the 599 is not an advanced device.  Well going by the menus I disagree. Smiley Happy


I am not very happy about this.  I have been a DSL / U-Verse customer for over fifteen years.  And I certainly do not expect the 599 to have important features like packet filtering disabled.


And that now leads me to another question;  is there a way to get the attacking packets blocked by AT&T before it reaches my RG?  It would certainly save on my bandwidth.


Thanks in advance.







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8 years ago

@unixwiz   Uverse RGs (Residential Gateway) are not modems or routers, but designd for triple play, Uvoice, IPTV and Internet (not necessarily wi-fi).  The comment about a router behind the RG, putting it in IP Passthrough, is correct to give you full router features. 😉


Edit:  Every Uverse user gets attempted attacks (whole page in last 45 mins) that the RG firewall stops.  Doesn't affect my 12/1.50M Internet, always getting 15.35/2.0M on speed tests.  Not causing any problems on my Uverse TV either.



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8 years ago

Hello Chris,


I respectfully disagree with you.


The configuration pages have packet filtering on them.  I was told that packet filtering was disabled for people with static IP.  So the capability is there.  Why would packet filtering be available for DHCP users (the vast majority) and not for someone with static IP?


The RG is not stopping the packets coming and going to the NTP port.  (That's why I want to block that particular IP address)


Regarding getting a router to do firewalling I may do that (I'll build it myself)  but getting the packet filtering going on the RG would alleviate having to do that.



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8 years ago

The NVG599 is a consumer device and what intelligence it may have in the default firmware configuration has been drummed out in the AT&T revisions.  For this same reason, any manual you would find for the NVG599 would describe the stock firmware and would be useless to you.


How do you have your static IPs configured?  As an Additional Network?  If so, then they may be right about the filtering, though I'm surprised.  Usually filters are on when you don't want them to be.


I would suggest you work with the guys at @ATTU-verseCare and see if they can provide any additional help for your situation, although I agree with Chris that your best route forward is likely to put a router between the NVG599 and your network.


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