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Sunday, December 15th, 2019 6:12 AM

moved service to a new Apt, ATT mailed powercord and asked me to send back my old wifi/modem

So like the title says, I moved my service to a new Apt. and ATT mailed me some equipment.


I got the package and it was:

  1. Power cord
  2. Yellow Ethernet cable
  3. Instructions 

Then I got an email saying they were sorry to see me go and I have to return the Equipment.


I'm a little confused, If I return my modem I won't be able to be connected to the internet. Was ATT suppose to add a modem/wifi into that box that got that had the powercord and Ethernet cable?

I really don't want to be out of internet, but I also don't want to accumulate late fees. especially if they thing I now have 2 modems now.


Any advice?

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4 years ago

We are here to help with your billing concerns @ForrestMcBride.


Thanks for reaching out to the forums team! We know how important and time sensitive billing issues can be, so we encourage you to contact our voice or chat teams for expedited service. Once you select your product, just scroll down to the bottom and choose to chat live. Please let us know if you have any other questions we can assist with!


Thank you for choosing AT&T, we appreciate your business.


Marc.L AT&T Community Specialist



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So I was reasured that I wont be charged. But Im still really concered since the invoce has 5 items on it despite only a cord, plug and instuctions were in a box. I really think one of your employees messed up bad and I'll be the one in who will have to pay for it. I think I'm just going to swich over to something like gigamonster fiber

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