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Tue, Nov 6, 2018 10:22 PM

Massive CRC Errors on line 1

Please help,


I'm tired of talking to L1 support and having techs come out to the house. I'm not disparaging anyone at all, I've done support and know the ropes, but this is a tougher problem than an L1 support person or an installation tech are equipped to solve. For the last several months I frequently get disconnected due to a massive spike in CRC errors on my NVG589, this frequently happens several times per day and at least once a week. Everything is fine and then I'll start dropping packets, I check the broadband statistics and VDSL line 1 has a huge number of CRC errors. I reboot the modem and it's up and running again. This is the 2nd modem so I don't think it's that and the last tech that came out tested the line and it's fine. I've had issues with a bridged tap in the past but as far as I know that's been resolved. I cannot figure out any sort of commonality for the spike in CRC errors and my internal network looks fine. I'm running in IP passthrough mode and nothing from the inside looks to be at all unhappy, it's just the pair coming into the RGW.


Here is a screenshot of the latest outage:

CRC_Errors_Line-1.jpgCRC Errors Line 1


The SNR on line 1 tells me that I'm getting some intermittent noise on that line, but I don't know what could be causing it. After a reset it's at 17.4 right now. Does anyone have any idea where else to look for the cause of these CRC errors? I'm currently writing a screen scraper to pull the stats so I can graph them to see if there is some correlation that I'm missing just looking at the numbers (why doesn't the NVG have an API?!?!), and if I finish that tomorrow I'll post some graphs with numbers and timestamps to see if anyone has any ideas.


Since I can't recreate it, and I've tried very hard, it's not worthwhile to get a tech out here as it most likely won't happen while they're here. How do I get to the next level of AT&T support, do they even have a next level for residential customers? Or do I just throw in the towel and go to Spectrum, I'll be the only subscriber on my post so maybe I'll get close to what they advertise.



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Hi @blamath,


To fully assist with this issue further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.
I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from ATTCares and reply to my message with your specific account details.
I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Dee, AT&T Community Specialist

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