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Thursday, August 24th, 2023 9:46 PM

Is this email real? AT&T Managed Internet Backup

I received this email from 

Is this a real email?  I also received the box in the mail.  

Hello Erick Rickers,

This is notification that your equipment has been shipped via FedEx and should be received within 5 business days. Once you receive your equipment, please open the box immediately and complete the self-install with the attached instructions. For your convenience we have also added an (optional) installation video you can view when following along with the instructions.

Video Installation Guide:

Tracking Number: 688128861828

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-223-6965

Thank you,

AT&T Managed Internet Backup Team

AT&T Terms and Conditions:


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1 month ago

I read this forum string as well as the other string regarding phone calls.  We too are very skeptical.  

1.  I called AT &T Customer Service for our business line.  They have no record of equipment being requested.

2.  I attempted to report to AT&T Fraud (877-315-9676), but they were not interested and referred me to AT&T Asset Protection.

3.  I called AT &T Asset Protection (800) 807-4204, and was informed they are not the department to report this to.  The rep told me to go to UPS and return the equipment.  I asked for a Label.  He stated I did not need one.  

4.  I also emailed AUS LLC (see below) to see if they indeed sent the router?  As of now, I have not heard back.

Like all of you, we are suspect and will not install the unsolicited piece of equipment.

I asked all the AT&T people I spoke with why they are NOT commenting on the AT&T Forum regarding this.  No one could provide an answer.

Our story is that one of our warehouses, received a package from:

ATB Logistics Manager


2150 Northmont Parkway, Suite E

Deluth, GA 30096

The installation steps inside the box provide a phone number of 1-800-223-6965.  When I google the number, it comes up as a scam number.

We continue to receive calls from AT&T to install, but the calls come from the same SPAM number and seem suspect (like they're reading from a script).


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