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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 12:05 PM

Inverse internet not working

My inverse internet is not working, but the TV works.  I have reset 3 times and the lights are solid green.  I have checked for outages and there are none in my area.  Two computers and my iPhone WiFi all show connected but can’t get internet service on any of them.


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a month ago

Let's work on helping you get reconnected @Ldcoburn458.


You have verified some great steps in resetting the equipment and already checking for any outages. Thank you so much. With multiple devices being impacted let's figure out why the router is not providing broadband service even though the light is green.


  • Are your computers connected through Wifi or through ethernet plugged into your router? If we don't have any devices directly connected through ethernet, would you be able to try connecting a computer/laptop directly to your router using ethernet to see if you have internet access?
  • Any changes made in your home network before the issue started? Any new devices connected or software downloaded on a computer that could be contributing to this?
  • Have you logged into the Smart Home Manager app to verify if it recognizes any issues with your network? The first page after logging in will communicate to your router through our network and see what the status is of your connection.

We would recommend using our Troubleshoot & Resolve for any further assistance you need for internet troubleshooting. It will even help you set up a service call if needed @Ldcoburn458


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