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Tue, Jun 18, 2019 10:09 PM

Internet line issues for over 60 days now

I have had a internet issue for over 60 days now, I have had 9 technicians at my house within that time frame. I call tech support have a technician come out and he is able to see my line 1 issues, the same as tech support can. The technician then orders a outside “engineer” to correct the line issue that is from my outside pedistool to the main AT&T box. The “engineer” comes out and says nope don’t see an issue and leaves. Rinse wash and repeat, in the mean time my issue gradually gets worse and worse. The second “engineer” to come out says “your internet speed is to fast and that’s why you notice the issue” so he lowers my internet speeds (which covered the line issue for a few weeks) so here I am on the phone with tech support to have another “engineer” come out. Funny how the inside technician can see and pinpoint the line issue as well as the on the phone tech support but the “engineers” don’t see any issues. I’ve asked to speak with the supervisors and managers of my local technicians which have all said “I’ll give him your number and he will call you” and that has never happened. So now I’m stuck with slower speeds that still don’t have a reliable connection but yet the full bill. I just want my issue fixed. I and everyone that comes out besides the “engineer” knows what needs to be done, new lines ran from my pedistool to the main box.a


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Hi There @mpollard89,


We hear you loud and clear and we do want to help.


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Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist


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