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Friday, June 16th, 2017 3:17 AM

Internet connection is trash past year

For the past year I've had this constant issue where I get a pop authentication error when trying to log in my modem to the at&t network. I've had about 20-30 techs come out and none of them know what the issue is...or just don't want to fix it. Tech support through phone are just plain dumb and don't even speak English or know what to do when I say I need to speak with their manager.

Now for the past month I've had 0 speed. The techs tell me I'm getting faster internet than I'm paying for but that's total crap when I can't load Google to even do a speed test.

I've done everything from replace modems to change config settings to disconnecting all my devices except the main PC. Nothing works. Over the past year I have done everything on my end. And at&t fails to fix the internet. The technicians probably don't even have a degree in network engineering to know what to fix, they aren't problem solvers, they just tinker around till the internet starts working again and leave.

Oh and my bill went up! For 6mbps down speed. There are people who live in the middle of nowhere and get better speeds for less money.

As soon as charter agrees to lay the line (and they will soon with more houses about to be finished down the road) I'm switching no matter the cost. I've already switched from at&t wireless to T-Mobile so that's proof I will leave for better quality service.

If anyone has any ideas on who to call, or has the AT&T CEO's private cell number let me know because I need someone who is in charge of EVERYTHING, the main boss of bosses who snaps his fingers and work gets done not these lousy techs who have no idea what they're doing.
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