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Wed, Apr 29, 2020 10:24 PM

Intermittent Internet Outage throughout day - Solid Red, Flashes Green, Solid Green

I am having an intermittent internet outage issue. The symptom is that my internet will drop, and within a few minutes I am always reconnected. This generally occurs several times a day. My PC connects over ethernet directly to the back of the AT&T router/modem.

When the outage occurs, on the BGW210, I observe the following:

1. Broadband light turns Solid RED

2. After several seconds, the Broadband light starts Flashing Green

3. After a minute or so, the Broadband light turns Solid Green and server service is restored.

This has been going on for a long time, and every time I call AT&T, they always send a Beta Engineer to 'help' with my issue but none have been able to solve it. To date, the following has been done:

1. AT&T provided a new Modem/Router

2. AT&T Engineer onsite changed me to a different line with different errors. He was sure that my wireless access points were causing my internet to drop, but couldn't explain why it would cause the broadband light to turn solid red. Additionally, I had this problem before I implemented my own wireless, so this isn't the problem. He actually insisted that he should charge me for the visit, to which I replied I would gladly pay if you could actually fix the problem.

3. I have plugged the Router/Modem into an APC UPS.

Please help. I can't believe this can't be fixed. Can I get a real engineer to solve my issue? Can it not be the box up the street that needs to be replaced, or the line to our homes?

DSL Status

Line 1 Line 2

Line State Up Up

Downstream Sync Rate (kbps) 28345 26867

Upstream Sync Rate (kbps) 5911 6301

Downstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps) 39143 37357

Upstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps) 11464 11659

Modulation VDSL2 VDSL2

Data Path Interleaved Interleaved

Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream

SN Margin (dB) 10.4 11.5 10.9 11.3

Line Attenuation (dB) 47.7 52.3 47.8 53.5

Output Power(dBm) 14.5 11.3 14.5 11.3

Errored Seconds 0 0 0 0

Loss of Signal 0 0 0 0

Loss of Frame 0 0 0 0

FEC Errors 7218 0 13872 0

CRC Errors 0 0 0 0

Timed Statistics

15 Min Cur Day Showtime Last Showtime Total

Errored Seconds (ES) Line 1 0 13 0 13 13

Errored Seconds (ES) Line 2 0 14 0 0 14

Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 1 0 13 0 13 13

Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 2 0 13 0 0 13

Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 1 0 126 0 15 126

Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 2 0 125 0 0 125

FEC Errors Line 1 707 104692 {{Payment Card Number detected, text hidden}}2

FEC Errors Line 2 357 188163 13872 13872 188163

CRC Errors Line 1 0 0 0 0 0

CRC Errors Line 2 0 22 0 0 22

DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 1 0 0 0 0 0

DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 2 0 0 0 0 0

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2 y ago

I know intermittent issues can be difficult to handle, guess from the lack of response, that I might have to get back to technical support as this issue can't be easily resolved. Can I get an L3 engineer?

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1 y ago

Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm having the same issue and have only had AT&T for a little over a week now.

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1 y ago

An update on this.  AT&T finally sent out a Senior Tech on the 3rd itteration, and since then my service has been much more reliable.  I am still experiencing service drops from time to time, but the frequency of issue has changed from multiple times a day to only a couple times a month.  Essentially, from what the told me, he re-terminated some of the connections that were done previously.  I did notice that the service was dropping more frequently on hotter days than on cold ones, so it is possible that my problem may come back in full force once we return to spring.

On the flip side, someone is running fiber in my neighborhood, so hopefully I won't have to deal with the issues that come along DSL service delivery.

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1 y ago

And if it is AT&T running fiber to my neighborhood, then Thank You So Much!!!  I am super excited to see what offerings may be available soon.  Internet service delivery done right is becoming increasingly more critical to everyones lives.  We conduct business, have access to entertainment, social communication, education and research is all done online these days.  The value of the service offering can't be explained in the small ammount we pay for this service delivery.  I would like to thank the providers that spend a lot of time and effort on figuring out how to deliver great internet service to their customers.  In general, we all take this for granted, but there is a lot of effort that goes into bring this service to our homes.  Thank you AT&T.

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