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Sun, May 18, 2014 2:10 PM

How to find out what ghz my 2Wire 3600 runs on?

Hello, can anyone tell me how to find this information out?  I have a Summer Infant baby zoom wifi camera that I cannot get to connect to my router, and I believe it's the has to be 2.4 not 5, I have full wireless connection. thank you for your help!!





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7 years ago

For it to be 2.4 ghz it will have to be on the G-Band, 5 ghz is the N band. I think you can go to your wireless settings and change it to 2.4 ghz but nowadays routers can be backwards compatible. That means that if you use something that goes on 2.4 ghz can still be used on an N router. Give it a try ad let us know what happens.

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