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Sat, Feb 8, 2014 11:22 PM

How to connect WiFi Printer?

Please advise. So my printer will not work at all, it always previously worked before swtching to UVERSE. It is a Brother MFC laser printer.


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6 years ago

I have a Brother Dw2270 and new Uverse internet. While you may have a different printer, the process you will find yourself in may be similar.


To make things more complicated for myself, I mispalced my Brother set up CD, so this is what I had to do:


1) Find the set up manual for Brother online. It was a PDF and being online meant I could quickly search for text and keywords


2) Make my printer forget who it was. This is most critical. The steps for your printer may be different, but I had to power off, hold GO, power on, wait for all the lights to come on, release Go, then press Go six times. This makes the printer default to factory state. It had to forget my old router name, id, and passcode before I could connect it to the U Verse


3) There is a WPS pin-hole button in the back of my printer. Pushing that in for 3 seconds is an additional step I did to be sure my printer forgot the old network.


4) With a ethernet cable, connec the printer to the Att Uverse router/modem


5) search for your printer (add a device) from your wireless latop or wired PC. It should find it. Write down the IP address of the printer.


6) Go to this website http://**type in your printers IP address here**


7) By default the website (see #6) user and passcode combo is admin, access. *I suggest changing the password once you log in. Save changes and write it down.


😎 Go to wireless settings on the website (see #6). Find the network name, change it to whatever your Uverse network name is. Assuming it's not an open network, you will have to select the appropriate security type. I used the WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES). At the bottom you will enter the passcode for your Uverse.  Save changes.


9) Follow the prompts on the screen. For my printer, I was prompted to remove the ethernet cable while the website (see #6) sent a test message. It will printer "success" or "failed." If you get a failed, rehook the printer to the ethernet cable, and try again. I had to toggle back and forth between the TKIP and the AES, although my passcode was the same. I forget which one worked, but in the end, my Brother is back on wirelessly. Hope this helps.


And above all else, don't misplace your Brother's set up CD.


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6 years ago

You will need to re-join your printer to the new WiFi network.  There should be a set-up menu on the printer or connect to it with a direct connection and set it up that way.



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3 years ago

I also have problems with Canon MP180 scan/printer usb only. I can printer fine if not online but when I try to print a page I'm interested in.Nada-nothing. As for going into my network and sharing printer I tried that. Guess I will need to but a printer usb connector to wire in back of Uverse modem. The usb on it is not usable.