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Sat, Apr 27, 2019 9:08 PM

How to configure backend router for 6852ac gateway

I'm trying to get my network back up after a failure. The failure happened when AT&T tech support mucked with my configuration to fix my non-working WiFi. Here's my configuration:

AT&T fiber connection -> 6852 Gateway -> CISCO RVS4000 router -> User machines and servers.

I have a block of 8 static IP addresses 76.x.x.24 thru 76.x.x.31. The RVS4000 is used for NAT.


My problem is that I can't connect to the servers from the internet anymore. I can however initiate outbound connections, e.g. web browsing. Everything had been working perfectly for almost 2 years.

Currently, on the 6852,

Settings->Broadband->SupplementaryNetwork->AddAdditionalNetwork is set to 76.x.x.30 subnet

Is this correct?


On the RVS4000, the WAN connection type is set to DHCP. This seems mildly wrong to me. I tried setting the WAN IP to static and matching the first usable static IP namely 76.x.x.25. That just made things worse.


So, in summary, my question is: What addresses do I use for

(1) the "Additional Network" on the 6852, and

(2) the WAN address of the RVS4000?



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Hey @RamrodJohn,


Let us help!


For assistance with setting up your static IP, you can contact ConnecTech Support Plus team at 877-303-2243. Please note that this is a paid advanced tech support service. You can find more information on the Support Plus page. Just enter your zip code to get started!


Thank you for being a member of the AT&T community!


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Ask your question in this forum.



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Most of the settings in your question were correct. Here is a full summary.

In the below, I use as a fictitious static IP address for your 6852ac, and as one of your usable static IPs. Substitute your own IPs.


On 6852ac:



Set to, subnet


Settings->LAN->LAN IP Address Allocations

Find CISCO Device (back side router) and set

Address Assignment: Public

WAN IP Mapping: Public Fixed

Firewall: Disabled (IMPORTANT)



Setup->WAN: Set Connection Type "Automatic Configuration - DHCP"


That should do it.


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