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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 5:29 AM

How do I setup Outlook 2013

I just downloaded Office 2013 and want to configure Outlook for my email.  for some reason it keeps getting hungup on the outbound server.  Can anyone provide the full details (once and for all)?

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10 years ago

 Setup Microsoft Outlook 2013 with U-verse account


1.  Go to File, select Add Account. 

2.  From the Add New Account window, select radio button for

 Manually configure server settings or additional server types and select Next.

·        If the Startup Wizard begins, Select Next 

·        When asked, Would you like to configure an E-mail Account? Select Yes, and then selectNext. 

3.  Select the POP or IMAP radio button, then select Next. 

4.  Complete the User Information section.

·        Enter your Name and your AT&T email address


5.  Go to Server Information section and select POP3 for account type 

6.  Enter the following server details:


Incoming mail - 

Outgoing mail (SMTP) -


7.  Go to Logon Information section and enter the following details:

·        User Name (use full email address)

·        Password

·        Select the Remember password checkbox. 


8.  Select More Settings. 

9.  Go to Outgoing Server tab and check the following boxes 

·        My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

·        Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Go to Advanced tab and enter port with SSL selection 

·        Enter 995 for Incoming server (POP 3) 

·        Check This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

·        Enter 465 for Outgoing server (SMTP) 

·        Select SSL for Use the following type of encrypted connection


10.              Select OKNext, and then Finish.

11.               Test your setup, you can send and receive email





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11 years ago

Please reference this document for Outlook 2013 set up instructions:

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8 years ago

@Anonymous27015, the settings in that previous post appear to be stale.  It is over a year old.


I'd recommend you look here:!/email-support/KM1010505

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11 years ago


Just checking up on your post. Did the document that beebeesa attached help answer your question? Do you need any additional assistance with the Outlook issue?



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9 years ago

Could you please advice settings for a third party email client (company domain) on MS outlook 2013 , not Att mail account ! the internet provider was not Att, actually outside the countrt.


The settings I was using :

Incoming server (POP3) to :  mail ."co name".com    where the " co name" is the domain , port 110

Outgoing server (SMTP) to : mail ."co name".com    where the " co name" is the domain  also, port 25


I got advice to use :


Incoing server : mail ."co name".com    where the " co name" is the domain , port 110

Outgoing server : , port 465 , ssl

And shoud tick the : my server require authentication , and use my login ID and pas word to Att in order to go throught the ATT email server


It works fine sending email to some domains , but other consider my e-mai las spam , and return undelivered report.


Any of you guys can help advice the correct settings as ATT is the ISP




@kpunty wrote:

I just downloaded Office 2013 and want to configure Outlook for my email.  for some reason it keeps getting hungup on the outbound server.  Can anyone provide the full details (once and for all)?




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9 years ago

Great instructions, thank you!!! I've been procrastinating this set up for years!  I don't come across a place where Outlook in needed to respond to a website that often and many times I can capture the e-mail address to enter it at yahoo.att.  This still took awhile but it was user error - didn't have the correct user name, password, etc.  Once the instructions were followed to a "T" it was quick and smooth!  




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9 years ago

I can't for the life of me find where/how to mark this post as a solution but I'd like to as it was very helpful!

@BeeBeeSA wrote:

Please reference this document for Outlook 2013 set up instructions:




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8 years ago

To set up ATT acct on Outlook 2013 do the following:

Your name:  Put name you want to appear on your email. If you don't want your name here, put initials or a fake name for spammers.

 email address: ***  or whatever email you have with ATT


Account type: IMAP  (automatically pre-entered by Outlook as it checks your ATT settings)

Incoming mail server:  (this is no longer POP3, but IMAP)

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


User name:  ***  (same as the email you use to login to your ATT acct)

password:   use your ATT password for login


Remember Password:  check this box

Do not logon using Secure Password Authentication:  DO NOT check this box


click on MORE SETTINGS box

Under GENERAL tab:

- Mail account name should be your ATT email:



- My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication:  check this box

- Use same settings as my incoming mail server: check this button


Under ADVANCED tab:

- Incoming server (IMAP):  Enter '993'

-Outgoing server (SMTP): Enter '445'

for both of these select 'SSL' from drop down boxes

the rest of the items are usually filled in by Outlook but you can modify these preferences later.


Click OK to get back to main panel.

Click NEXT to test out your connection.

Msg will tell you first if INCOMING mail connection works, then will test out the OUTGOING mail with a test email in Outlook.  Message box should say 'test completed', and you should have an email in your Outlook Inbox.


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]



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8 years ago

After downloading Outlook 2013, I following these instructions to reconnect my email account. I was able to successfully complete the log onto the incoming mail server (IMAP) test. However the test continues to fail when attempting to send a test message.


What are the steps to correct this error? Will this disconnect the ability to view my email on both my Apple product and Outlook?


Any guidance is appreciated, this is getting frustrating.



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7 years ago

My sbcglobal account was working great in my outlook until I changed my password because yahoo was compromised and now I get error codes. no longer works.  I get the test mail if I sign in at yahoo but not in outlook

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