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Sun, May 18, 2014 1:08 AM

How do I replace my dsl router?

I think I need to replace my modem. It is a SSID: ATT064  NVG510 motorola modem. It stops and restarts or sometimes tries to restart. The last time this happened I replaced the modem because I determined everything else about my internet service was working fine.


I am an AT&T U-Verse Customer. My email is


Do I order a new modem or gateway as I think it is called over the phone or do I go to my local AT&T store for new modem?


Thanks for your help.





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7 years ago

You can order one online on the site, if you want a used at&t router for cheaper look on ebay. One thing before you buy a new one, if  you can find another power adapter, you can try and see if a different matching power adapter solves those issues. Sometimes those power adapters are the culprits of such issues. Let us know what hapens

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