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Wed, Oct 21, 2015 8:01 PM

How do I put Pace 5268AC Router in passthrough bridge mode?



I have one of the new Pace 5268AC routers provided by AT&T Uverse and I want to put it in bridge mode so I can utilize my D-Link 3200AC Ultra Wi-Fi Router. There used to be a bridge mode setting in the past modem/router combo units that AT&T provided. However, I am unable to find how/where to put this Pace 5268AC router in bridge mode? 

Does anyone have an answer for this?





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a year ago

I tried unsuccessfully to setup a TP-Link Archer C4000 with the Pace 5268.  It worked great and then no Internet (wired or wireless).  Off and on for a weekend.  Using the Pace only now and it has issues.  What would be a good AT&T router/modem to get to work with my router?  I'm going to contact AT&T and see about a new router/modem that supports bridge mode.  This Pace seems like a major issue!  Yes, I have fiber to the house and U-Verse TV.  Thank you.




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a year ago

Your assessment is absolutely correct. You need the :
"Router-Behind-Router Detection" enabled in order for the PACE to find your
router and display it on the 'Settings/Firewall/Applications, Pinholes and
DMZ' location.

Then you can select your router (via MAC address) and enable the function
(at the very bottom) 'Allow all applications (DMZplus mode). -which is a
poor mans way of providing a Bridge Mode. The PACE modem does not have a
clean and pure Bridge Mode function.

I would suggest calling ATT (may the force be with you) and explain your
firmware needs to be reloaded.

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a year ago

To fully utilize my Apple Airport Extreme, Apple support states I need to put the ATT router into bridge mode so the internet is passed directly to the Extreme. The Wifi on the ATT must be deactivated so only one Wifi network will be created by the Apple. Are the steps using the Apple the same as indicated for the D-Lnk by Darknessrise in this thread?

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