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Sat, Feb 15, 2014 7:23 PM

How do I prewire old home w new wire for uverse?

Hello all...I have bought an old house and have uverse scheduled for install next weekend...I am an electrician and want to prewire my home to keep installers from running wires along my baseboards...I think I would rip it out and cancel sevice if that kind of shotty work were to be done in my freshly painted and floored question is...can I pull cat5 from sevice entry to my equipment closet then cat5 to each location from there and in rooms with 2, tv/ps3 do I need to pull 2 separate cat5s or will one suffice? Any advice/diagrams would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance!


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6 years ago

eclipticstone - Sounds like you have it nailed and have the skill to do it right.

You should run two cat5 cables to each location because you do not want to mix TV service and Internet service on the same cable, actually switch, because the TV can flood the switch.
You will have four network ports at the RG, so you need a switch for TV and a switch for internet. Run the two cables to each location & if a location has multiple internet access - another switch.




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6 years ago

Just thinking out loud and kind of looking for somebody that's tried it.


At best, I'm luke warm to WiFi. While it works and the AT&T method broadcast from a gateway near my main TV reaches my desktop PC in a room about 50 feet away OK. Since the TV is a "smart" one, I can also stream videos from my PC and NAS on my home network via WiFi. The only issue is sometimes it stutters a bit, but recovers on its own. My old setup with a different provider and my own Netgear router was lousy with WiFi downstairs, but worked fine upstairs. Go figure.  If hard wired with Ethernet worked great with no sputtering, stutter, skipping or hangs at all ever.


I don't like drilling holes and/or fishing wires or running wires along the baseboards either. So I am seriously considering a third method:


Has anyone tried this, if so, can they comment on results?

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