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Friday, September 4th, 2020 8:07 AM

How do I improve the speed on my 5268AC router?



I have a 5268AC router and am currently on a 100MBPS plan. I am getting nice fast speeds of 5-35mbps. 


I have tried rebooting it. Consisting of unplug for 1 minute plug back in. Have done this twice within 2 weeks. 

Also I have tried going to less congested channels. Another thing was changing the DNS on multiple devices and still getting the same consistent result. 

I have done my best as of now with my current knowledge with research. I am lost and any help to get in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you

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3 years ago

Only turn on one computer (no other internet connected device).

Make sure it is wired to router.

Verify no background updates or other downloads are happening.

Check (Netflix), (Ookla), in addition to AT&T's own speed test.

Only one speed test tool at a time.

Double check if listed as Mb or MB. (8Mb = 1MB).


Though subscribed speed is a max or up-to, not a guaranteed constant, getting 5-35Mbps would be below the average you should normally get for a 100Mbps connection. You may need to call AT&T to see if technical issue or if you are getting the limit of what the area can support.

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