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Fri, May 2, 2014 12:34 AM

How could I change my NAT type to Open on PS3?

Well I have a ps3, and I cant seem to be on a Open Nat type when Im playing games like either call of duty. When Im playing call of duty, it always says Moderate NAT type and Its really annoying because I cant seem to find games quickly.


I changed my NAT type to open from turning on IP passthrough but it works for a bit, and changes back to Moderate again. I dont change the settings. I save it. And I was wondering if can someone help me find a way to keep my ps3 on a nat type to open. I really will thank you for this. I hope you can help me fix the moderate nat type and keep on open 🙂



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7 years ago

Hi @ImmPerez,


I apologize about the inconveniences, but I will be glad to help. When you set it on passthrough mode, the PS3 should receive a public IP address so it is no longer behind a NAT. Check in the PS3 settings what IP you are getting and if it is 192.168.1.x, then the passthrough mode is not taking effect. If you have tried to setup multiple devices in passthrough, that may be the problem as only one device can be in passthrough at a time.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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