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Tue, Apr 26, 2011 2:32 PM

Help - Do these line stats look normal?

Hi All, 

I've been on u-verse for several years with the 25/2 profile and have been very happy with the service and stability but I'd like to get the 32/5 profile so I can get an internet package with the higher upstream speed and another HD stream.  After talking to neighbors on either side of me and looking at their linestats I think I should be within the distance for the 32/5 profile, but my line stats tell a different story.  I've read the readme for UVRT but still can't make heads or tails of the bitloading and other stats -- hoping that SomeJoe or anyone can help me analyze these...




Incase those images aren't approved yet, here's links as well:


I'm not seeing any sinewave drop out patterns but it feels like the bit loading drops off very steeply compared to others I've seen.  Also, the noise margin seems low for my estimated distance I think. 


The neighbor on the side closer to the VRAD has max rates in the mid 50's with much higher noise margins and neighbor on the further side has max rates in the mid 40's and higher noise margins. 


Additional info:

I live in a neighborhood that is only about 12 years old and was "wired for lightspeed" when built back in the SBC/SNET days. 


By the tool calculuations I'm on the edge of the 25/2 profile but my service quality has been very good -- never get retrains, uncorrected blocks are never more than 1 or 2 per day (often 0), corrected blocks are usually in the 10k - 15k/day (many of which are from voltage sags when the furnace or A/C kicks on and off), and I rarely have pixelization or TV freezing issues. I had the tech and I&R out twice right after the original install to get my uncorrected and corrected blocks down  -- went from 100k / day to where it is now. 


Does anything look suspicius in my stats?  Would it be worth contacting level 2 again and have I&R come out to take another look? 


Thanks All.


P.S. SomeJoe -- very nice work on UVRT this is a very cool tool. 






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