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Sun, Mar 11, 2018 9:42 AM

Guy showed up at my house for no reason claiming to be AT&T employee

A man appeared at my home without invitation or reason, claiming to be from AT&T.  Hindsight 20/20, I should've called the police but I thought, "hey, I'll just call AT&T and verify that someone was sent out here."  The problem is that this was a Saturday and I couldn't get anyone on the phone.  Rather poor form for a gigantic corporation to not have a human to answer these sort of calls.  I called the AT&T automated system and it indicated that my account was up to date and everything was functioning as normal, and thus I should not have expected an AT&T employee at my door.  

This problem presents a few legitimate questions that are relevant to any AT&T customer who ever receives house calls from your company ever. 

1) Does your company send or allow employees or representatives to call on households that have no requested service?  Basically, do you ever send people to my house soliciting business opportunities like upgraded service?
If so, why not have a live person answering the phone so that households who are surprised by such visits could verify the authenticity of the person at their door?
2) If your company does not send out representatives, it seems that I was likely being cased by a potential burglar wearing an AT&T polo shirt (which someone can pick up at any thrift store).  Wouldn't it have helped if your company had a phone number I could call to verify if he was legit or not?  We could have then figured out quickly that we had a bad guy in the neighborhood and notified the police.

Instead, I'm posting on some message board, angry at AT&T.

Does anyone know:

How does one verify the authenticity of some guy claiming to be from AT&T?  Does AT&T send around door-to-door salespeople?

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Did he say why he was at your front door?  AT&T uses independent contractors soliciting for new business.  It used to be that they were selling Uverse but now it's usually DirecTV.   Their badge or shirt may say "AT&T" but they don't work for the company.   They canvas a neighborhood and ring everyone's doorbell.  They have no idea if you are already an AT&T customer.


If it is that upsetting then yes, call your local police dept. OR just don't answer the door (which is my choice).  I have the following sign posted by my doorbell for all to see:




That stops about 90% of them but I still get an occasional stranger at my door that I just ignore.



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