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Friday, March 10th, 2017 9:09 PM

Guess I'm asking AT&T to help me with AT&T scam...we'll see how that goes. :)

AT&T took full advantage of handicap to swindle me out of $150. While replacing my modem via online chat, I'm told the old modem MUST be returned by inconvenient means of UPS outlet only, first red flag. I explained, due to mobility handicap that'd be expensive to impossible within their time frame. I was then told I could have it picked up, that was the pertinent lie. Had I not been told that lie, I'd a never let them ship, & ordered a used $20 modem, so on that info I ok'd shipment. Got the modem, was THEN told a trip to UPS was the only possible way to return the old modem, (almost funny it's so rediculous and obvious what they are doing). A blatant lie by AT&T using an easily solvable problem to very clearly and specificity, take advantage of handicap for profit...

On top of all that, the connection issue turned out to be service related and cleared up next day, they lied and told me it was the modem.

I'm on one of AT&T's $5 per month plans for low income customers, so they are very aware the handicap is real/I'm on disability. Also, I've had similar strong arming happen in the past because the ISP has little to lose by trying to get more from a customer that can only afford minimal services.

I've tried... Facebook to resolve this but they refuse to fix this easily solvable issue in favor of stealing my money. Twitter didn't reply. I replied to the the email stating just how the return had to reply. Tried chat again and was told they would stop delivery of the modem which I suspected was just a lie so he could move on to trying to sell me some thing, and it was just that, it delivered the next day. I know better than to get on the phone with these people and play the frustrate the customer into giving up game, and it just isn't necessary anyway.

Couple of questions for the reps here:

1) Will you fix this?

2) If not, will my service be terminated when I don't pay the $150 I cannot pay? (For some reason I could get no answer on that.

It's actually starting to look like AT&T's way of doing away with a not very profitable customer... one of 2 things that make sense here. We'll see how it goes. Also, I have record of the chat where I was lied to, if needed, but I would imagine you do as well.


Thanks for your help.




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6 years ago

Just now seeing the email notifying me of your post. I did get the box, returned the modem, and I assume if something went wrong, I'd know by now. I do remember your offer to help if something does go wrong, so for now, lets just assume all is well, and thanks.


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6 years ago

Hi jondowe,


Yes, we will be here for you. 



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