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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 10:05 PM

Fixed wireless antenna problem

The antenna box (which I guess is injecting POE to the antenna) refuses to come back up after a shore power outage. Usually, switching the power switch on it off then back on usually resolves the problem. My fixed wireless internet is located 190 miles from where I live. I mostly use it for my security cameras at the remote location. Making a 380 mile round trip just to flip the switch off then back on is a real pain.  I put a sine wave UPS there but that does not seem to help. The box and the router have always been connected through a quality surge protector and now through the UPS which also provides surge protection.  Have not had a problem with the AT&T router. Even after a power failure, I still have a good Wi-Fi signal, just no internet until I can make the trip down to flip the switch on the antenna box off and on. Anyone have any ideas?

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4 months ago

Hire a local handyman to do the work on an as needed bases or move service to cellular hotspot?

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