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Wed, Aug 1, 2018 4:21 PM

Equipment rental Fee's

I'm being charged a $10 monthly fee for using the NVG589 supplied to me by AT&T. Could I use my own modem/router purchased locally? If so what would the required spec's be? If not, why? What are my options?

The NVG589 does not provide me with a strong signal if I'm in a different room. It never has.


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2 months ago

I bought my comcast compatible modem in 2017 for $81. 

It's basically free to me for the last 3 years which would have cost me $360 with ATT.

I came here to see if I can buy my own router to avoid $10/month and switch to ATT but hey their are too greedy for that. I'll stay with Comcast.

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