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Sunday, July 1st, 2018 7:00 AM

DSL Internet keeps disconnecting every half an hour

Dear forum and @ATTCares,


I have had the AT&T DSL internet for the last few years without much problems, but I had connectivity issues last week (modem internet light stayed red for a few days). After a tech visit, we replaced the old modem with the Pace 5268AC. Although internet was up and running right after the technician set up the modem/router, internet connection has been dropping every 20-50 minutes, starting from a few hours after the visit. When it happens, the service light turns off -> turns red -> blinks green -> stays green. I found threads on similar issues, and it seems that I can get help here by posting DSL line stats and event logs, so here they are:


Type                    Status

Internet Connected
DSL Link Connected


Modem Type Built in modem - ADSL/VDSL
DSL Line (Wire Pair) : Line 1 (inner pair)
Type Down Up
User Rate 10027 kbs 934 kbs
Max User Rate 10012 kbs 934 kbs
Noise Margin 9.0 dB 9.0 dB
Attenuation 43.0 dB 22.9 dB
Output Power 19.0 dBm 12.4 dBm
Protocol G.DMT2+ Annex A  
Channel Interleaved  
DSLAM Vendor Information Country {46336} Vendor {BDCM} Specific {41912 }
Rate Cap 10027 kbs  
Attenuation @ 300kHz 34.9 dB  
Required Impulse Noise Protection 17  
Uncanceled Echo 10.5 dB Suspicious - check phone filters and alarm
VCXO Frequency Offset 0.0 ppm Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise 1 Interleaved mode recommended



IP Traffic

Type Bytes Packets Errors %

Transmit 169707813 1387625 494 0
Receive 2444954626 1915093 271327 12


DSL Link Errors

Collected for 5:34:17

DSLType Since Current Current Time Since

Period Reset 24-hr int. 15-min int. Last Event
Link Retrains 11 11 1 0:02:04
DSL Training Errors 12 12 1 0:02:33
Training Timeouts 12 12 1 0:02:33
Loss of Framing Failures 95 95 9 0:03:03
Loss of Signal Failures 12 12 1 0:03:01
Loss of Power Failures 0 0 0 0:00:00
Loss of Margin Failures 0 0 0 0:00:00
Cumulative Seconds w/Errors 721 721 29 0:00:12
Cumulative Sec. w/Severe Errors 283 283 26 0:03:01
Corrected Blocks 1182740 1182740 65142 0:00:12
Uncorrectable Blocks 14092 14092 1091 0:00:12
DSL Unavailable Seconds 911 911 86 0:02:04


Event Log (errors that popped up during the last disconnect):


INF 2018-06-30T23:23:29-07:00 hurl
err=0 name=PHY_NONE redirect
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:59-07:00 hurl
err=0 name=PHY_NONE detect
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:58-07:00 hurl
err=9 name=DSL_TRAIN_FAILED detect
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:43-07:00 hurl
err=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE detect
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:33-07:00 hurl
err=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED detect
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:32-07:00 sys
dnstest0: connection lost, reconnecting...
INF 2018-06-30T23:22:28-07:00 sys
dsl0: connection lost, reconnecting...


Any tips are helpful! Thank you!




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6 years ago

I just cancel my AT&T 1Gbps fiber optic internet circuit, for $80, which is a $10 discount off of the normal monthly rate.  I have had it for 6 months and I use less than 10% of that circuit speed.  It has been terrible on and off the whole period.  Originally when I had it installed, I was happy to see the fast speed test and felt good about it.  A few days into it, I noticed that many times my devices were getting connections rejected (authentication errors).  In many instances, I had to rely on my old internet connection, because the AT&T circuit was so unstable.  I made a few calls in to their support but little was done to stabilize the connection issues.  I had hoped that it would improve, but it never did.  At times when we thought we were using data at home wifi, our cell phones were eating up my cell phone data plan, because the att circuit connection was in and out.  To make matters worse, I am now being told that I have to pay a cancelling penalty of $180 ($105 + 26 days of credit remaining in month already paid for).  I voiced my severe disappointment in the service, and ETF (early termination fee) for something that was performing less that half (50% down) the time.  The ATT rep said that I could have cancelled in the first 30 days and there would not be a penalty.  Now I wish I never did give them a shot or should have cancelled within the 30 days.   ATT has fallen away, from what it used to be, with regard to internet service.  I would not recommend ATT for home or certainly would not consider recommending ATT for my organization.  They have alot of technical issues they need to iron out before they sell their internet service.  I am done!!

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