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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 10:02 PM

Download speeds as low as 1MBPS. Have to reset equipment quite often to even use the internet

I have the 45 plan over copper.  Fiber is at my pole.  I have had slow internet issues for more than a month.  I run speed test and will be at a download speed of one or two.  Once I reset it will go up to high thirties low forties.  The next day its back down to a snails pace.  We do have several devices connected but it has never been an issue until recently.  My equipment is a few years old and I'm on copper. Will an upgrade to either or both fix the issue?


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a month ago

Fiber is at your pole... you have one of these on the pole or next pole over?

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If yes, calling would create a copper to fiber migration order... new tech install but keeping you at the same current speed tier as it would be listed as a repair order upgrade.


If desire the faster speed that direct fiber provides, need to call and request a speed upgrade to fiber... same install, but now not a repair....  but new 12 month promo contract with the $10 equipment fee added along with internet 1000/1000 and HBO MAX free for 12 months.


EDIT... your actual issue describes a saturation upload... from cameras or PTP most likely or possible infected computer malware. Internet communication is two way, the server sends download packet, waits for a reply... if the reply is delayed, similar to backup for freeway on ramp, traffic will be slowed to a crawl. Also check for system backup, file backup, dropbox occurring that would saturate your 6M upload.


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