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Saturday, December 5th, 2020 7:10 PM

DNS settings change

Does anyone know if adding a third party router will then allow me to change the DNS settings? ATT uverse router doesnt allow u to change the DNS settings. Also if so, what kind of router is compatible?

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3 years ago

The problem with "solutions" such as changing to the desired DNS servers on your devices or using your own router behind ATT won't help resolve speed because the slow ATT DNS are #1 and #2 and your local DNS will be #3 and #4 in the order of query.

You might checkout DNSBENCH.EXE by Steve Gibson for more details. See below.

The ATT DNS servers are so horrendously slow that I/m considering dumping ATT Uverse and if ATT won't let me switch back to DSL then I'll dump them altogether.

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