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Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 8:06 PM

Disconnects with "FLOOD limit 4pps burst 8"

I have various devices on my home network (mostly my work laptop and my gaming PC; both with Windows 10) that repeatedly lose connectivity with the internet even though the broadband light on my modem stays solid.  (It's a BGW210 with software version 2.3.4.) For the duration of the connection interruption, the modem logs dozens of messages that say "FLOOD limit 4pps burst 8" with the IP address of the offending device.


What, exactly, does this message mean?  Does it indicate that  the modem thinks the device is sending out packets as part of a DDoS attack?  (In other words, it thinks my device is compromised and has been ordered to participate in a DDoS attack.)  If not, then what *is* it detecting?  How could a VPN connection to my office network (carrying e-mail, web browsing, a Citrix window and a few other things) be enough to trigger this?  Is there a way I can configure things in either my devices or my modem to avoid this?


This problem only began after a technician replaced my old modem (which was failing) with the BGW210.    I have been through every menu in the modem's configuration and I can't find anything that seems to be related to this functionality/behavior. None of the technicians I've talked to know enough about modems to answer my questions (they're all cable/line techs).


What can I do to stop these disconnections?

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5 years ago

Hello @UUCPdialup,

We understand that you're having trouble with your router. Don't worry, we can help with that.

Have you tried resetting the router? if you haven't done so please try resetting the router.

Also, check out this thread here of a similar situation that could be useful.

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist

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