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Saturday, March 21st, 2020 12:02 AM

Continuous Disconnect/Reconnect -every 5 minutes-

I am logging into a Remote VPN (University), and every five minutes it disconnects and about one minute later it reconnects. This is happening no matter what time of day I log in. I have restarted the modem and my laptop. My wireless modem is directly plugged into an outlet with no other devices around it. There is no one else in the house streaming videos or playing games.

A peer living 1/2 mile away on a competitor service is not having the same problem.

What else can I do to correct this problem?

A peer living 1/2 mile away on a competitor service is not having the same problem.

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4 years ago

If you experience issues with the Internet on your computer, where it connects and disconnects again and again, @Venny it could be due to multiple possible reasons.


You might check for firmware update or try to reset the router to factory default.


When the VPN client fails, all of the internal desktops continue to function uninterrupted. The only indication on the SBS server is that it can no longer PING the VPN client, yet it still shows it has a connection through the Routing and Remote Access GUI.


If the Internet connection is still unstable, check the gateway to see if it feels hot.  If this is the case, turn it off and let it cool down, then try turning it on and testing the Internet connection.


Also, some antivirus programs have built-in security that may interfere with an Internet connection. Check the security settings for the antivirus program to see what settings are enabled.


Please let us know it these tips helps.



Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist


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