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Sat, Nov 27, 2021 1:38 AM

Constant Buffering when watching TV with AT&T Internet

I have worked through every step that I could find online.  We have had AT&T technicians out in the past and they all have told me that there is nothing more that they can do.  The last two visits we had they found that someone had hooked our home up to someone else's slower Internet connection and we were sharing their connection with them but paying for a faster connection.  We didn't get any money back, but our connection seemed to work fine for a couple of months.  Now our buffering is worse than before.  Perhaps part of this is that so many people are online during Thanksgiving but nonetheless I would like a stable along with the fast connection that should come with our payment. 

Any suggestions that may help are appreciated.  We haven't many options in our area or I would consider switching service providers. 


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2 m ago

We are here to help you get your services back up to par, Composed.


Is your equipment plugged into a surge protector or an outlet?


We suggest that you plug your equipment into an outlet, because surge protectors can cause a lot of problems.


They can cause:

  • Slow wired speeds
  • Loss of service
  • Modem resets

Let us know if this helps.


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2 m ago

@Composed , what Internet speed do you have?  If you do not have Fiber to the Home service, I'd suggest you look at your Gateway's information to ensure that you're getting stable service to your Gateway.  In your browser, go to , click on the Broadband tab, and look for the tables of information with Sync Rates, Attenuation, Noise Margin and error counts.  Make a screenshot of that and post into a reply.

That's just half of the story. Assuming that your streaming devices are connecting via Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi connection can also play a role.  If possible, you should connect your streaming devices to the Gateway via Ethernet cable for the most reliable service.

Low quality Surge Protectors can cause issues.  Plugging directly in to the wall has resolved issues for some customers.  It's worth trying, but if it doesn't change anything, feel free to go back to using the surge protectors.


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