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Sun, May 14, 2017 11:00 PM

Can I use a different modem AND router to connect with Uverse Internet?

I'm trying to upgrade my router and modem, but wondering if I absolutely need one or the other provided from AT&T in order for it to work.


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3 years ago

Yes. You have to have the AT&T provided gateway.


Now, nothing is stopping you from turning both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios completely off and plugging in your own 3rd party product. Our gateways can be configured to be in bridge mode if you want yours to handle IPs, etc.

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3 years ago

Every connected device (even cell phones, tablits, i-pads, you name it) have a unique device number (sometimes called mac address) assigned to it, making it unique.

On top of that, ATT provided equipment also has a secondary identifier as well, and every wired att connection (with the exception of the legacy dsl networks) have that particular number assigned to only that connection. 

It is no secret, you can buy perfectly good att gateways off of services like e-bay. However, it is unlikely you will get any att tech to actually activate that device.

However, as was already said, while you have to use their provided modem/gateway/router/residential gateway, etc. they all allow for third party routers to be connected to them.

While most are perfectly good for wired (Ethernet) connections, the wi-fi router can be a bit lacking on some models, SO, you can get around that by using your own (presumably better) wifi router of choice.

Hope this answers your question. Good luck



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a year ago

I thought the FCC had passed a rule saying internet providers could not require you to use there modems/routers... once you got past the ONT? 

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