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Saturday, July 8th, 2017 12:29 AM


Can I upgrade my gateway without renting it?

I have purchased a new computer and printer that won't connect to my ten-year old gateway equipment (3800 HGV-B).  I do not want to "rent" new equipment but would like to purchase my own.  AT&T customer support said I could do that and that there was an approved list of equipment on their website, which I am having difficulty finding.  Is there such a list, and where is it?  Or is it possible to purchase from AT&T rather than rent it?

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6 years ago

ATT doesn't allow purchasing anymore and only waives the lease fee if you have the any of the following model numbers:

NVG510 ( for IPDSL customers)

2WIRE: 3600HGV

Pace: 5031

Pace: 5168NV

But these are not the latest gateways and they don't support speed higher than 12 MBps, I believe.

So at this time, you have no choice but to rent to get the latest ones. 

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