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Sat, Jun 8, 2019 2:42 AM

Can I Combine My LTE Cell Phone Service and My Ethernet From My DSL Broadband Connection?

Hello Community, 

I currently have AT&T's Internet 50 (broadband DSL) and AT&T's Unlimited & More data plan on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Now here is the thing, I really wish I had more internet speed to play around with and I live in an area with a decent LTE connection. So i started to think and what came to my mind was combining my current ethernet connection with the LTE connection on my cell phone on my Windows 10 PC. I do download quite big files sometimes and it feels like it takes forever, I also know for a fact that I get 50 Mbps on my PC (I sit like 3 feet away from it, and from countless speed tests too). I hope that somebody has an answer. Thanks in advance!


Note: I had no idea where to post this.


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2 y ago



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There are a few things can affect your speeds including modem environment and modem placement. Does Your "Wi-Fi, Fly" is a recommended article. 

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2 y ago

You can not tether your pc to your cell phone on your plan. You need the Unlimited & More Premium plan to be able to tether and that is limited to 15GB.

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