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Monday, September 8th, 2014 2:52 AM

Broadband light flashing red...

We had a thunderstorm in our area earlier today 4pm and our lights flickered off then back on for a couple seconds... Since then we haven't had any service. (tv,internet & phone) We have reset the gateway several times (unplug for a minute and plug it back up) and all we get is a flashing red light on "Broadband" please help

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8 years ago


 Blinking Red Broadband Light

First try the steps blow:

Restart the modem

Secure cable connections

Factory Reset the modem (Last)

Press the red reset button for 5 seconds. This can also be done with Smart Home Manager. Check to see if cables are unplugged, if they are, plug them back in. Press and hold the red button for 20 seconds. This will clear custom settings.
Check out our how-to videos. Just choose your modem. Check image below

 Smart Home Manager currently does not support factory reset.


Troubleshoot and check for outages

To check for an outage, visit our Service Outage Page.

  • You can use your zip code or sign in to your account to check.

To troubleshoot, visit our Internet Support Page. If you are signed in, a check will be performed automatically.

Things to consider:

  • Surge protectors and power strips can cause resets and over time, cause the modem to fail. Plug the modem directly into a wall outlet if possible
  • If you added 3rd party equipment (ie: Router) to the modem/Gateway, try unplugging the new equipment from the modem. Make sure all of your devices are connected to the modem. If the connection is successful, this indicates a 3rd party equipment issue
  • If there was a recent storm or power loss, there could be an issue with the equipment inside or outside your home. Use the tools below to run tests and check for an outage. 


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9 years ago

Call 1-800-288-2020 and have them check the line and probably will setup a tech visit as something is not connecting properly.  Good luck 😉



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6 years ago

All of the lights on my DSL modem (red and green) have started flashing. I have no wireless connection and I've tried unplugging and it immediately starts to flash after I plug it back, it doesn't even try to connect. I've never had this happen before. What can I do?



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6 years ago

Happened to us also after a storm and techs came out to fix



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6 years ago

My broadband 1 is Red but my Broadband 2 is Green. I do have internet currently ! Would you still recomment rebooting my modem ?

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