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Sat, May 24, 2014 5:50 PM

Broadband 1 flashing red on NVG589

I have an NVG589 gateway with Power service. Broadband 1 light has been flashing red for 2 weeks. Broadband 2 light is still solid green. ATT phone support tech says no service problems detected.Specs look good on line 2. Downstream sync = 55308 kbps, upstream = 5766. No issues with Uverse TV either. Just wondering why both broadband lights were solid green up until 2 weeks ago, and now line 1 is down.



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7 years ago

What a flashing Broadband light generally means is that the modem is not receiving a signal from the outside lines. With some ISPs, it is called a "No Sync" situation. If both your broadband lights have been solid green previously, i would assume that you're on the bonded pair type of connection, e.g. instead of having the traditional 1 pair of copper wire to deliver your DSL signal to the modem, it is done with 2 pairs of copper wires. And that the 1st pair is not working. Usually, a modem restart takes care of this issue. If your modem has a built-in battery, you may need to open the battery compartment to disconnect one wire to really turn off the modem (disconnect the modem from power while you're doing this).


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