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Wed, Dec 19, 2018 3:16 PM

Blocking outgoing traffic from specific static IP addresses (5268AC FXN router)

I just had AT&T gigabit fiber installed last week.  I have several PoE security cameras configured with static IP addresses that feed video into a Mac running SecuritySpy that serves as my security interface / video storage device.  I've had no problem configuring the firewall on the 5268AC FXN router provided by AT&T to allow me to access my security system through my Mac.


I do not open the firewall for individual cameras, so incoming attempts to access them are not an issue.  My concern is that some of my cameras will attempt to "phone home" out of the box with an outbound connection to the Internet without my knowledge.  I have considered configuring a VLAN for the cameras by purchasing a managed switch, but it occurs to me that a simpler solution might be to restrict certain internal IP addresses from any outbound connections outside of my network.  So (for example), a camera with static IP address can only communicate with other addresses within my home network,  but the 5268AC FXN would block any packets attempting to go out to the Internet.  This would not be a perfect solution, of course, as I would be blocking all of my cameras from accessing the NIST time server, but that is something that can be worked around if needed.


So ... is this something that can be done with the 5268AC FXN router?  Or should I bite the bullet and buy a managed switch for a VLAN?


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a year ago

Hello @wtimothyholman

We understand you have a question about blocking outgoing traffic.

Check out this page here that explains how static IP addresses work and what can be done.

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

Excuse me?  Pointing me to a web page that explains what static IP addresses are is NOT a "solution" to my question.  The "solution", as it turned out, was to go ahead and buy a managed switch, which I should have done in the first place.


Seriously, if scanning a message for phrases like "static IP address" and posting canned replies without even bothering to read the customer's question is the best that AT&T can do, it doesn't give me much confidence in the long term for the quality of my service.


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a year ago

You should be able to outgoing traffic from specific IP addresses in the Gateway's firewall settings.

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