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Mon, May 19, 2014 7:25 PM

Being DDOS'd, anyway to change IP?

I am buying harrassed via a DDOS. Is there anyway for me to prevent this? I called Uverse support and they are unable to change my IP, if I buy a new router at a ATT store,will that 100% change my ip? Any other way to prevent this?



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7 years ago

Getting a new router won't change your IP address. I recommend exploring some VPN options, I personally use a VPN service for security reasons, just Goodle it for more information.




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7 years ago

Im also being DDoSed and the spesific person DDoSing me has my IP, well a VPN prevent me from being attacked? like, well the vpn block his attacks or is it just a mask?



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7 years ago

Using a VPN will just make it look like your traffic is coming from somewhere else. If your main IP address get's ddosed then you will get kicked offline. If you have DSL most of the time they use dynamic ip's. Customers who have Uverse have a static IP.


My question is what are you even doing in the first place to be ddosed?

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