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Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 6:55 AM

ATTHelp!!!!!! PLEASE! My WiFi nightmare - What can I do next?

I've been an AT&T customer in this home for 23 years. Nothing has been remodeled or changed relating to my WiFi service.

Approximately 4 weeks ago my AT&T WiFi Gateway suddenly dropped after having performed flawlessly for 3 years plus. Not a single drop, reboot, or interruption up to that moment on that router. Before that, we had issues with intermittent dropping problems that an AT&T tech had come out and fixed. At that time, in early 2020, he mentioned the issue was in the main terminal box at the street but he rectified it and it was smooth sailing since.

Now, that same issue is back. Since that first drop a month ago, I have had (4) AT&T technicians visit my home, the Gateway (which obviously wasn't the problem) has been replaced not once but twice, every wire and piece of hardware in my home has been tested and/or replaced........... and the problem continues with no end in sight. As I write this, I am waiting for the next drop.

I have now spoken to 13, yes count them, 13 DIFFERENT people at AT&T about this issue. They were all very polite, professional, and kind in their attempt to fix my problem. However, to date, the issue persists. I have now rebooted Gateways (including the newest and latest installed one) a cumulative total well in excess of 150+ times! 

I work from home and my stepson homeschools at an online academy. This is more than a nuisance in our household. 

I am at wits end on what to do. Visits by technicians, calls and chats with tech support, and replacing wire & hardware in my home has not corrected my problem. I don't know who else I can talk to or where else to turn.

The issue MUST be at the street terminal (two of the visiting techs this month have both told me it was a "mess") but I can't seem to get anyone at AT&T to hear me and fix it. Each person I speak with at AT&T is trying to help me (I believe that) but when the signal goes green on their end for a moment, I am assured that "you will not face any issues in the future" (that's what the representative told me this evening). Within an hour of my conversation with her, it all started again. it's dropped 7 more times tonight in a seven hour window.

What can I do? How do I reach past the first layer of technical support and get to an advanced tech supervisor? Clearly this is not a typical problem but after speaking with Dan, David, Peter, Rose, Selena, Rick, Carol, Shelli, and Pearlette at Tech Support AND actual technicians - Amber, Kevin, Spencer, and Zack at my home - I AM STILL not fixed. They resolve the issue for a moment and once they are gone or off the line with me, the dropping resumes.

PLEASE SOMEONE point me to who I can speak with at AT&T that can truly solve my  problem.  Thank you for any/all ideas and guidance you can offer. 




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3 months ago

Time to open an informal FCC complaint about your Internet issues:

Fill out the form and it will be forward to an desiccation team within A&T that has 30 days to respond to the FCC with an action plan. It only take 3-4 days to receive a call from the A&T Escalation team that is more than willing to clear your problem. You can even attach related material to your filing.

Just be prepared to answer UNknown number for a couple of days to get the quickest responses.


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3 months ago

Thanks for your reply Dave. I've got yet another tech lined up to come out to my home on March 9. I'll consider your suggestion and definitely proceed with it if needed. Much appreciated! 



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3 months ago

We're sorry to see that you've had so much trouble with your service, RB1026!


Let us help you find a resolution! Based on the information you've provided, we'd like to bring you into a Direct Message to gather your information and start working on a resolution. Just look for the chat icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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