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Saturday, February 25th, 2023 12:32 AM

ATT U-verse Internet is Intermittent with drops every 5-20 minutes

For the last three weeks we have had internet dropping out every 5-20 minutes (duration can be 5-10 minutes). I have made 4 calls to support and had two on-site visits from technicians. I will have to switch providers if this isn't corrected.

Diagnostic message is

Other background info
  • I have a brand new ATT U-verse DSL modem / router as part of the fix
  • The technician has removed the POTS connector at the sub-station
  • I have cleared the DVR stored recordings; recommended by the technician
  • I have checked for IP4 and IP6 assignment conflicts (there are none)
  • I have turned off all but one device (on ethernet) and still see the problem even when I switch devices

On a different post I saw that the suspicion was a flaky bard at the sub-station

Please help this is driving us crazy

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9 months ago

Hey @Mike_Becker - I suspect you have the same issue a bunch of us are experiencing.   Can you go to this thread and answer the questions I made in my original post?

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