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Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 1:37 AM

att recycle shipping lable

I am trying to print a recycle shipping label for old u-verse equipment as requested by at&t having trouble finding it 

I am following the instructions they sent 

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3 years ago

Your suppose to drop it off at FedEx or ups if returnable. If not then you recycle it at the local waste facility

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3 years ago

I have the same problem. Looks to me like the company at the url they provide no longer operates. Apparently many national chains do accept electronics for recycling. Try Target or Best Buy. Too bad AT&T can't even get this right!

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1 year ago

Here we are in 2022, 2 years later, and AT&T is still sending out mixed messages. 

One day, it's"Mail the equipment back at UPS or Fedex".  Next day, an email

stating "No need to return your U-verse equipment. Recycle it!" 

Amazing that AT&T doesn't seem to care about rectifying this situation. 




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10 months ago

+1 on this.

Cancelled U-verse TV (keeping internet) on 12/10/2022..  I have 3 recievers (including DVR), plus gateway (which I am keeping to continue internet)..

Rep on the phone tells me to return the recievers and remotes back to at&t via FedEx or UPS store.

Next morning email shows up saying "We've received your request and for your convenience, there is no need for you to return your equipment." , and provides a link to : for recycling instructions (without a directive saying that recylcing is or is not manditory to avoid charges).   The link simply re-directs the browser back to att main site (

So I called support and asked about it (and total confusion ensued)..  I can go on about the conversation with the Rep but it will take too long.

... I never thought it was possible that a company specializing in digital communications would continue to send out mixed messages and emails with broken links for almost 2 years straight ...

...  Then again until recently I never thought it was possible I would pay a single company > $250 a month for a cable and internet bill

I suppose its time to re-think possible ...   

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