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Thursday, November 25th, 2021 10:53 PM


AT&T is charging extra to spy on our home network, and blocks us from using any alternative!

Dear AT&T,

I am outraged by your assault on personal privacy and the free and open Internet. Maybe you think you're helping people with but it is an unwelcome invasion that goes against the core principles of privacy and freedom. It's a big step for totalitarian control of the Internet and every thing on it, as AT&T gains unfettered access to every packet coming from every device on the network.

The Internet was made for everyone, not for you to control. As a service provider, we want you to help us participate in the Internet that was designed to be free and open for all. You should do this by letting OUR home networks talk to OTHER networks. That's what Inter-net means, since you've apparently forgotten: WE have our network, and you simply connect us with other networks as we request them, BY ADDRESS. Your role as an ISP is for Wide Area Network interconnect, *not* Local Area Network (LAN) control.

We do NOT want you stepping into and onto our network, establishing your "Gateway" Router as King of the LAN, set up to spy on our home, gathering data on every request from every device. In particular, the policy of *requiring* us to use your router is unacceptable! To preserve our own privacy, we want to use our own router, and ONLY our own router.

If we could control our own network and simply connect to AT&T's *modem* -- then this would solve the secondary problem of being forced to use your DNS servers. Your router is the only one I've ever seen that makes it impossible to change the DNS servers, they are *locked* to AT&T DNS server addresses. Of course we know this means you can log every name address translation, a huge violation of privacy. The fact that we have no choice to use a different provider is a massive violation of our basic rights and erodes the founding principles of the Internet!

Your practice is anti-competitive and discourages other companies from providing a variety of routers with options capable of serving the needs of consumers on their home networks. We want a fair and healthy ecosystem of *choice* for home network components. We want control of our own networks and our own personal information.

Adding insult to injury, I see an extra $10 equipment charge on my bill every month for this router that we are forced to use! I am starting here on your forums to give you a chance to correct these totally unacceptable policies! For now I am tolerating the extra complexity of putting my own router behind yours, but this is NOT a solution. If you don't step back to the modem and restore consumer control of home networks by allowing us to choose our own equipment, I will be switching off AT&T and speaking out to many others to encourage them to do the same.

As a starting gesture, you can stop charging us the extra $10 per month for your spyware router!

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2 years ago

This thread has run its course shut it down 

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2 years ago

Nothing more can be said here. As requested, I'll close this conversation.

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