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Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 7:23 PM

AT&T Fiber 1Gig - Internet Disconnects / lags / buffering

Not sure how to ask the question with all my frustration at this point, this shall be my last attempt to find an answer before switching to a new company.

My internet has not worked in a stable manner for 2 years now. I've had technicians come out, I've tried every single troubleshooting procedure. I even pulled ethernet chords across my whole apartment to have my Gaming PC and other devices hardwired into the modem. Unbelievably, even then, I am getting lag and having connection issues. I pay for 1 GIGABYTE/second speed, and all the WIFI excuses I've gotten have been eliminated by highest quality ethernet cables I've bought myself. The last response I got from a technician on his last (4th or 5th) visit was (and yes this is exactly what he said) "AT&T is not responsible of the performance of the speed within your home, we are only responsible for making sure it gets to your appartment and what happens there is on you." I cannot believe this is the "SERVICE" I pay for. I have stopped gaming and streaming because it was not doeable with this unreliable service. I've asked for a new modem and nothing, I've asked if I should add a high speed router since the WIFI is obviously worse than Ethernet.

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1 year ago

Whoa.  The technician is 100% correct.  Any ISP wouldn’t be able to cope with how individuals setup their own home networks.   

If you’re not using WiFi for gaming, that’s good and preferred.  

Are you seeing this lag issue using only one hardwired  PC connected to gateway?   Everything else should be disconnected and powered off.  Doing the test with gateway factory reset would be ideal.   

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1 year ago

Please provide specific, objective metrics of your performance issues so that we can understand what you're talking about?

Actual latency vs. expected and to where?

Actual bandwidth vs. expected?

What tools are you using to measure these?

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