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Mon, Oct 18, 2021 3:06 PM

Another reason why ATT shouldn't have the monopoly of our Gateways

Please google the name of the firmware applied last Sep/8, "".

You'll find a bunch of AT&T Customers who have poorly configured their AT&T Gateway with a DHCP range within Public addresses range, leading to AT&T Routers to get confused and exposed their Gateway configuration to INTERNET. If you want to get some fun, just change their Admin password thru the "forgot my password" option and mess with their configuration. 

But the worst thing is that they are getting exposed thru the AT&T Gateway HIDDEN IP's due to a very poor firmware design. I've been noticing these HIDDEN IP's for a while now, and I thought they were harmless, but now we see they are not.

AT&T should let us own our Gateways, I would rather pay the $99 to troubleshoot my individual system, than pay $9 monthly thru eternity for getting a standardized service.  It is more likely that those Russian, North Korean, Chinese and Iraqis hackers to be tempted to attack a huge company than every single individual. These standardized services are not cheap to us, only to AT&T short term management.

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