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Sunday, September 9th, 2018 1:40 AM

All Around At&t nightmare...

Ill just start from the beginning. A little over 1 Year ago we heard the at&t fiber was going to be installed in our neighborhood. My wife and I got excited so we decided to switch from Comcast to U-verse. The at&t team and a 3rd party contractor started operations in our subdivision to start installing the new fiber lines. In the process of this operation our yard was absolutely destroyed. While they were destroying our yard, they also backed into our tree and uprooted it (all in our front yard mind you). We contacted at&t and I will say the they did replace the tree, and the 3rd party contractor did a terrible job of trying to fix the grass they had destroyed. So this was our first dealings with at&t customer service. Now exactly 1 week ago today our gateway totally shut down...the red service light came on and we lost all internet and tv service. I did every troubleshooting option you provide via your website and cell phone app. I called that night and talked to a gentleman, who I wish I had taken his information, because yet again we were shafted. He told me they would be sending out a tech next day and to expect the text/phone call prior to the appointment to confirm their arrival between the times of 4-6pm... Well appointment day comes, and at 6:00pm we have still yet to receive a phone call and or text message saying when to expect them. Yet again im stuck contacting customer service, but this time rather than call the 2020 line that just blew me off the previous day...I instead went directly to the website and chose the chat feature. While talking with them they told me an appointment was never scheduled to begin with. To which my response was, "I know you record those phone conversations for customer service purposes, go back and listen to that conversation and please tell me where I was told you wouldn't be sending someone out tomorrow at the times of 4-6pm," and so on and so forth. They then told me they don't have the capabilities to listen to the phone conversation at that time, but what they could do is schedule me another appointment...in 5 days from that point. I'm already heated..not only has their negligence of scheduling an initial appointment (which is what this customer service rep told me had happened) but now I have to wait almost a week to have someone come out and get a service I pay for to work again. AWESOME! I mean who doesn't love sitting at home with no cable or internet! I was also told that since the appointment was missed that they were going to escalate the ticket to see if we can get the service tech visit expedited to an earlier date and time. Well, that never happened and I pretty much knew that was just lip service for please just let me end this service call. Well as you can see where this is going...today is 2nd appointment day...or was...we received our text message earlier in the day saying they were going to be here between 4-6 which we had planned on. Well 5:45 rolls around and we get a text saying the tech is running behind but is still going to be there today, please allow 2 hours for the tech once he arrives. Ok no problem...well 8:30 rolls around and we can't even get a curtesy call saying they aren't coming. I mean we just love sitting around all day waiting for imaginary service techs! So we of course call customer service...AGAIN...and now they've moved our 3rd appointment for another 5 days from now...What gives At&t?!? I never thought I'd say this, but me and my wife are counting the days til this contract is over...because we can't wait to go back to comcast...something I never thought I'd say...at least if we had an issue with comcast they showed up to the appointment to fix the issue. It's going to take some really good incentives to get us to stay, and this could have all been avoided with a little communication. All we want is the service we've paid for to work, and if it doesn't work at the very least do something to make it right. I'm hoping this rant finds it way to someone who can help us, and maybe this is all falling on deaf ears...but we are literally at our wits end and just want some help...

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5 years ago

Hi There! @Jamiesonger2473

To fully assist with this issue further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.


We are sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from us and reply to the message with your specific account details.


We look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!


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