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Thu, May 1, 2014 1:11 AM

Access Log file on NVG510 where?

I want to look at the log files in the NVG510 but can't find where the log file is to show who may be trying to log into my network.

Anyone know where this is? I looked every where can't find


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7 years ago

Hi @ron351 


If you are referring to the system log of chronological lists of events that have occurred in the device. Then it can be found under the "Diagnostics" tab as shown in the example below.

- MorganCS
- ATTU-verseCare


NVG510 Logs.png

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7 years ago

MorganCS thanks, never thought it would have been in that section, never looked.

Learn something new every day.

I guess the log is different in my setup because mine is on passthrough and my added router is actually doing the logs, even though there are logs in the diagnostic section of the NVG510 modem\Router.

My sister uses the router non bridged and is why I asked because I wanted  her to check for log accesses.Appreciate the help


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