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Thursday, October 6th, 2016 1:49 PM

5G WiFi Network Not Showing Up

Our 5G wifi network is suddenly not showing up.  Modem is a Pace 5268AC. The 2.4 G network works but the 5G network has disappeared.  Any ideas?



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5 years ago

I cannot connect any iDevices or Macs on 5Ghz on ATT Uverse PACE 5268A. I even shut off 2.4 and still cannot connect. Did factory reset on router and its at 11.1 and my iphone too and its at 12.1. I did a wireless capture from my MAC and see malformed beacon for ATT default SSID on 5Ghz. So now what ???? My iDevices work great on 5Ghz Cisco network at work.


If I set two different SSID on 2.4 and 5Ghz I can get the iDevices/MAC to connect on 2.4 only. This is horrible because of the bandwidth and issues with 2.4 when most of the devices in the house are forced to use the 2.4 network. I have seen issues on your site that are 2 yrs old complaining about the same problem.


How do I get this issue finally resolved ??? If not I will be forced to go to another provider.

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