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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 3:22 AM

5 ghz radio won’t start

My WiFi is only on 2.4ghz and the 5 ghz radio won’t start. It jus times out. I call att and I get sent back to the app. Frustrating. Need help from att and not getting it. Ideas. 

im getting close to looking elsewhere. 


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a month ago

We will do our best to help so you don't start looking elsewhere @wadc .

  • What kind of router do you currently have? If the router you have is: BGW320, BGW210, Pace5268, or NVG599 then it has a feature called band steering where it will connect the device to the best radio signal for speed, capability, and range. with most devices.
  • Are you trying to use the two different frequencies like a guest network and a main network? In that case, it would be best just to create a Guest WI-Fi through the Smart Home Manager app that you can easily toggle on and off when needed.
  • If you have any Smart Wifi Extenders in the home they require the band steering to allow functionality and that could be why you are losing any second network you create.

If you truly need to have the bands separated the steps would be:

  1. Open up a web browser.
  2. In the address bar, type (or if your router has a differed device configuration use that key found on your router)
  3. Type in the username and password.
    • Username: admin, unless you made changes to the default.
    • Password: located on the router as Access key/code or AC.
  4. Go to the Wi-Fi tab.
  5. Click the Advance Settings.
    • located on the bottom right.
  6. Change one or both of the Wi-Fi network names to one of your desire.
    • Make sure the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz network names are different.
  7. Save the settings.
  8. Exit.

If this does not give you the resolution you are looking for I would recommend checking our Troubleshoot & Resolve page for intermittent Wifi issue.


We hope these steps give you the permanent resolution you are looking for @wadc.


Bryan, AT&T Community Support specialist

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