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Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 7:33 PM

3rd party router and different scenarios. Please help


I am an ATT uverse customer. I am now considering buying a 3rd party router; basically i really need to buy a good range (MOST IMPORTANT), dual band WAP with LAN ports and USB (print/file server), and I have been looking at the netgear nighthawk R7000. This is sold as a router/wap, so i could take advantage of the better capabilities of this router as compared to the router included in the RG (I have to check the mode but i think that mine is the NVG589).



RG: Modem / Router / WAP / switch / Coax connection to main TV box (DVR)


I have some ideas (please forgive me if some do not make sense):



RG: modem / switch / Coax connection to main TV box (DVR)

new device: Router / WAP / switch (connecting to other TVs by CAT5)


In this scenario possible at all (RG in bridge mode). Would i be able to use the LAN ports in the RG then (I dont think so)? If this was possible, being the new device a router/WAP, would the coax connection to the tv box/DVR in the living room still work? I live in a rental property and that is the only available cabling from the RG to the living room; The other TV box (s) luckily is (are) connected using CAT5. Would I be able to share the DVD recordings between all the TVs?



RG: Modem / router / switch / Coax connection to main TV box (DVR)

new device: router / WAP / switch (connecting to other TVs by CAT5)


If this one possible ("router behind router") for this RG? Would I still take advantage of the better capabilities [as a router] of the new device without any interference (lag) caused by the RG router? 


Thanks for your help


PS: I am a computer programmer but as you can see my knewledge of networks is very limited



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9 years ago

All the TVs must be fed as they are now, can not go thru the 3rd party unit.


The 3rd party unit can only handle your data, here's instructions to put it behind the 589:


Good luck 😉



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