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Friday, June 27th, 2014 7:31 AM

3801HGV - System log errors



I am seeing a lot of errors in the System Log of my RG (model: 3801HGV):


WRN	2014-06-26T10:37:14-07:00	
named: forward start (errno=1)
WRN	2014-06-26T10:55:14-07:00	
named: Previous log entry repeated 116 times
INF	2014-06-26T10:55:47-07:00	
ip: ill_dlpi_send: ill_dlpi_head
WRN	2014-06-26T10:55:58-07:00	
named: forward start (errno=1)
WRN	2014-06-26T10:57:10-07:00	
named: Previous log entry repeated 6 times
WRN	2014-06-26T10:57:18-07:00	
mifd: mifd_sync failed: generic failure (nothing else makes sense)
WRN	2014-06-26T10:57:48-07:00	
mifd: Previous log entry repeated 1 times
WRN	2014-06-26T10:58:26-07:00	
named: forward start (errno=1)
WRN	2014-06-26T11:16:02-07:00	
named: Previous log entry repeated 27 times
INF	2014-06-26T11:16:14-07:00	
ip: ill_dlpi_send: ill_dlpi_head
WRN	2014-06-26T11:26:04-07:00	
named: forward start (errno=1)

 Have you ever seen anything like this? Should I ask for a replacement?





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10 years ago

If your service is not impacted, don't worry about the 'errors' in the log.  I see the same junk in the 3800 log here, but see no impact on service. 😉



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9 years ago



But he's talking about a 3801HGV and I have one as well, with similar errors.  I also have an iPhone that is having wi-fi issues which it didn't have before.  It's an iPhone 5c 16GB and has unexpected replay errors, causing all of the other wireless devices to re-key, disassociate and re-associate and appears to go on for 5 mins or so during the last few hours.  Wi-fi perfomance has also been crap.  I'll the offending iPhone offline and see if that clears things up.  I just wondered because it always seems to be preceded by a named: forward start (errno=1)




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9 years ago

I'm getting the same log errors.  The system locked up yesterday and needed to be reset (first time in 4 years).  I also have an iPhone (4S), and its connectivity has not been impacted.  Here is my log file as an example.  I am planning to restart the system shortly.  If the problem just majically disappears (as the complete lock up problem did after a few resets and patience),

I'll post back here.


From syslog:    02/23/15 21:21:03    02/23/15 21:21:01    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:21:03    02/23/15 21:21:01    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:20:42    02/23/15 21:20:39    homeportal    local 0    Warning    named    "forward start (errno=1)"    02/23/15 21:20:32    02/23/15 21:20:30    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:20:32    02/23/15 21:20:30    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:20:01    02/23/15 21:19:59    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:20:01    02/23/15 21:19:59    homeportal    local 0    Error    vzonead    "delete old lineups"    02/23/15 21:19:59    02/23/15 21:19:57    homeportal    local 0    Warning    named    "forward start (errno=1)"

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