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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 6:51 PM

2.4ghz is lost with add on access points

I installed the access points in my home from AT&T and lost my 2.4 ghz wifi. So much stuff is still on this and not the 5ghz so it is a problem. How can I get my 2.4ghz back so my washer and cameras come online?

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5 months ago

Have you tried to point your 2.4GHz devices to the Guest Network, which is always 2.4GHz. Or, you could assign a separate SSID/pw to the Guest Network and point them to that.

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5 months ago

I believe the guest network is turned off by default as it should be.  Therefore if having to use the management console to make changes, can temporarily disable the 5GHz radio to get smart devices connected, and then turn the radio back on again. 

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