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Tue, Mar 20, 2018 5:58 PM

Yahoo Terms & Conditions Change FAQs


Why did I receive a pop-up or an email notification from Oath about the Oath Terms of Service?

AT&T and Yahoo (at the time) work together to provide email related services. Oath is updating its terms of service because in 2017, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon, which combined the Yahoo business with AOL and formed a new company, known as Oath. 


What do I need to do?

Review the updated Oath terms of service and decide whether you choose to accept. If you choose to accept their updated terms of service, your AT&T email will continue to work as it does now.  If you chose not to accept the terms of service, your AT&T email will continue to work as it does now, but in the future your service could be impacted.  We do not know when or how it may be impacted, but you can visit Oath’s FAQ page to learn more.  The full URL for the Oath FAQs is https://policies.oath.com/us/en/oath/privacy/guce/faq/index.html


Will my email address change?

No, your email address will not change.  You will still be able to utilize your email address as usual.


Will my email account maintain the same functionality?

Yes, you can still send and receive emails, as well as access all other mail-related features. You can keep using your existing email address to send and receive emails just as you do today.


Do I need to cancel or modify my AT&T email service? 

No, there is no need to cancel any AT&T email service. It remains active and functional.


Will this Terms of Service announcement from Oath affect my ability to sign in to att.net?

No, you’ll continue to be able to use your email address to sign in to att.net.


Is there an option for me to not accept the Oath Terms of Service?

Yes.  When you receive the pop-up entitled “New Privacy and Terms,” you have the option to not accept by clicking on “I’ll do this later.”  And when you receive the email notification from Oath, you have the option of not clicking the button called “Review and agree now,” closing the email and disregarding the message.


What happens if I choose not to accept the Oath Terms of Service?

If you chose not to accept the terms of service, your AT&T email will continue to work as it does now, but in the future your service could be impacted.


Is there a way for me to opt out of having Oath use my email data for targeted advertising?

Yes.  If users want to opt out of having their email data used by Oath for targeted advertising, they may do so.  Users can do this by hovering over the ‘gear’ symbol in the upper right corner of the mail user interface on a PC or Mac, clicking on ‘About our Ads’ and then clicking on ‘Manage interest-based advertising categories, or opt-out of all categories, from Oath’.  This will take the user to the Yahoo Ad Interest Manager page, where the user can select the Opt Out button.  The full URL for the Ad Interest Manager webpage is https://aim.yahoo.com/aim/us/en/optout/.


What if I have questions about the provisions of the Oath Terms of Service?

For more information please visit Oath’s FAQs.  The full URL for the Oath FAQs is https://policies.oath.com/us/en/oath/privacy/guce/faq/index.html


If I accept the Oath Terms of Service, must I do so on each device that I use?

No, if you choose to accept the Oath terms of service, you can do this via your desktop, mobile and/or tablet device; It only needs to be accepted once.


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2 y ago


That post was written in 2018 long before OATH (who "owns" yahoo and aol and is a subsidiary of verizon) was in the picture.  Under OATH's terms of service they can mine your email for targeted ads and anything else they can monetize.  But you do have some limited control over some of the stuff.  On the OATH TOS page there's a like to what they call Privacy Center which also is interesting reading.  It, in turn, has a link to their Privacy Controls.  Note, you can also get to the Privacy Controls from the Privacy Center page by clicking on "Privacy Center" on the left and then Controls under that.


They don't really give you much control IMO.  But that's all there is.  You agreed to the OATH TOS by either explicitly accepting it when they put up a page asking you to accept (I've always clicked do later out of spite).  Or you implicitly accepted it by continuing to use att/yahoo's email service.


Please don't argue or start another thread on why you, an att customer, must agree to another company's TOS.  That topic has been beaten to death already when OATH first came on the scene.  Search for those threads (try searching for OATH) if you are curious or want to add to one of those already existing threads.




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2 y ago

Thanks for the information... it just started recently and I know what you mean about people complaining on this site.

 I'll take a look at the links you shared with me.

thanks again,mike
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